How To Treat Testosterone Deficiency


Testosterone deficiency can affect any person above 30 years of age, and it can lead to a range of worrisome symptoms. But, the good news is, there are multiple solutions for the question, “How to treat testosterone deficiency”.

Diagnosing testosterone deficiency

Testosterone deficiency should be diagnosed by getting the testosterone count test. It is usually performed in the morning when the testosterone levels are high.

If diagnosed with a deficiency in this test, then the person should get testosterone replacement therapy to sort out the issue. Screening tests for prostate and breast cancer are conducted before proceeding further, and if the results are fine, then the following methods are used to treat the patient.

Intramuscular injections

hgdhd74Intramuscular injections are the preferred choice for testosterone therapy since they can induce testosterone into the deep layers of vascular muscle.

The Airlock injection method or Z-track method is used for this purpose. The gauge of needle ranges from 22 to 25 and the preferred locations to inject are buttocks, thighs, and arms.

After multiple sessions, the recipient can observe considerable improvement in overall symptoms. Also, testosterone count tests are regularly conducted, to gauge the increase in testosterone levels.

Testosterone gel

Testosterone gel belongs to the drug class: “Androgens”, and it is used to replenish testosterone. The gel is applied topically, at shoulders or back, and the usual dosage is 50 mg. The dosage value can increase depending upon the testosterone count.

To apply, one needs to wash the hands with soap before and after the process. Also, the area of application should not be oily, and free from any body hair. It might take some months to experience considerable improvement in the condition.

Testosterone patches

ghdd674Doctors may prescribe testosterone patches for the patients, who are supposed to react positively to the treatment. However, it may take longer periods for the entire process, and the results are long lasting.

The patches can be applied to the back, shoulders, thighs and hips. The site of application should not perspire heavily and have any hair. The number of patches used should be according to the prescription.

They should be applied before midnight and left untouched till the next application. If the patches loose up, then they should be smoothened gently. However, if they fall off, then new ones should not be used until the next prescribed time.

Injectable testosterone pellets

Testosterone pellets are small in size, usually 3 x 9 mm, and they can be implanted under the skin. These pellets consist of testosterone of crystalline nature, and the hormones are released gradually over 3-6 months.