Services offered by orthodontists


What so many people don’t know it’s that orthodontics is another branch of dentistry but will serve specific purposes like the correcting of the jaw and making them be in the right position. The teeth’s that are not in the right position will be so hard to clean, and it’s common for them to fall because if they are not being cleaned properly, then they are in the risk of decay. Also, they will constantly make someone have headaches because the chewing muscles are always stressed out and strained. The orthodontic services will help in restoring back the healthy teeth and make someone have a more pleasing appearance. The Orthodontist in San Leandro offers professional services. Here is a list of some of the services offered by orthodontics.

Applying braces


The most common method that is the best for crooked teeth is the applying of the braces. The braces come in wire or the brackets. What the orthodontic will do it’s that he will first check your teeth so that he can examine if you need that wire braces or the bracket. Because the wire is put around the teeth but for the brackets, they are just applicable on the front teeth’s. With the braces, you will have to go to the orthodontic every month so that the teeth will be adjusted to get the desired result.

Fixes special appliances

For those kids that are suffering from thumb sucking, it may not be an issue at first, but if you have tried or the measure that you know and they are not stopping, then it will be advisable that you seek medical help. If the kid is grown and he is still sucking the thumb, then it’s wise that you take the medical help of the orthodontic. He will fix special appliances on your kid’s teeth so that it will be able to control the thumb sucking and it also helps in the tongue thrusting.

Fixed space maintainers


An accident might happen, and it might cause the loss of the premature baby tooth. You don’t have to worry because of the help of the orthodontic you will be able to get the space maintainer. The space maintainer is supposed to fill the space until the main tooth appears. The orthodontic will get a wire and a band that is attached to the tooth then he or she going to fill the hole then attach the wire the tooth next to the space.